Photoshop Quiz Practice

Look for the cover of the lesson your teacher assigned and use our quizzes to practice for your teacher’s quizzes and tests. No email or name is required.

Ergonomics for Teens is a no-print, no-prep, interactive lesson that teaches ergonomics to your students. They direct their learning via a web-based HTML5 file that can be accessed on a PC, tablet or phone using the given link and password. You can follow the presentation on your screen or have each student complete the module on their computer. Absences? No problem! Just have them follow the lesson on their own and they will be able to follow along and complete the activity on their own.
Interactive lesson to learn the 7's times tables with an ice cream party theme. Download the PDF with the URL and password needed to complete the activity. It also includes three worksheets for practice.
Marine Mammals Online Web Search for Teens. This is a 20 question web search document you can use with high school/middle school students. Your students will search for questions related to marine mammals. Yes, an answer sheet is included. Print out the sheets or use Adobe Reader and have students type their answers straight into the PDF file.
No prep Photoshop and career preparation lessons for busy teachers, become a member for unlimited downloads.
A semester of 26 Photoshop CC lesson plans for high school students - graphic design made easy! We have bundled a set of 26 lessons in this Photoshop download package that will allow your students to practice basic and intermediate photo editing skills with Photoshop while transforming pictures into stunning works of art.
This is a 20 question web search document you can use with high school students. Your students will search for questions about zombies and their role in pop culture. Yes, an answer sheet is included. Please view the demo for a sample of the 20 questions. You can print out the web search or use as a fillable PDF.
Escape room for high school students. Your class will break up into teams of 3-5 and use the digital file to enter the codes from the answers you set up with your content. The eLearning file, is all digital, puzzles and clues are in the file, it is set up for a 45 minute activity, purchase and I can set the timer to your preference at no additional cost, email me at to customize it for your classroom. Each team can start at different times since the timer