Graphic Design Writing Prompt Lesson – Using color to persuade



Graphic Design Writing Prompt Lesson – Using color to persuade, graphic organizers, video links, and suggested sequence for having your students create a product using the given resources or you can add your own.

Updated 7/6/19 – all links have been updated, you must have access to YouTube to use these resources.

Do you need to include writing standards in your Career and Technical subjects classroom? This easy to use resource for 6-12th grade CTE/vocational/science classes will help you align your culminating activity in a meaningful way. Technical subjects (P.E., Social Studies, Fine Arts, and CTE) are now required to implement Writing and Reading for Literacy standards into their curriculum. I know I was lost at first, even after I had in-services explaining what the Common Core was because I was not taught how to implement the standards into my course. I realized that everything I did was correct and did align but I was not showing a final product that provided evidence of my teaching (by the way I taught computer courses – no samples were ever provided for me). Maybe your experience was similar, or you just want to save yourself some hours of work, my lessons will help you show your administration that you do indeed align your course to the Common Core standards.

The Common Core State Standards challenge our students to show evidence of learning in new ways. Instructional shifts are required, especially for teachers who must now incorporate literacy into content areas. Integrating the literacy standards can be difficult to do especially for science and technical subjects.

With these resources you are using my T.R.A.P method to teach Common Core standards using your own content! View the demo file for an explanation of my T.R.A.P. method. I have provided the prompt and resources, you add your direct instruction and explain the prompt so your students create a final product. Remember, the Common Core is about reading AND writing, NOT filling in blanks or just answering questions, it’s about synthesizing information from multiple sources to arrive with a solution/explanation. That is what these lessons provide!

I learned how to provide evidence that my CTE classes were Common Core aligned and now I have created Common Core aligned prompts for science and vocational courses that you can just print out and use after you have finished your direct instruction – they are NO PREP handouts. Why re-invent the wheel? I’ve done years of research, designed the prompts/activities, graphic organizers and provided them to you here in a easy to use and organized lesson packet.

WHAT THESE ARE NOT! These are not lessons that have content step by step, rather they are a writing prompt with supporting material so you can have your students create a product that is aligned with the Common Core standards.