Edible Insects with Photoshop CC


Edible Insects with Photoshop CC

In this lesson your students will use Photoshop CC to edit a recipe card designed in Photoshop. Your student will add images and text as well as remove images plus add an outer glow style. Then they will find a recipe with an insect as an ingredient to fill in the recipe card. Members also have access to three video links that can be used to introduce this lesson.  After viewing the videos the students are more engaged in the lesson.

To edit the recipe card your student will need to use the following tools/functions:

1. The move tool

2. The paint bucket

3. The magic eraser

4. The horizontal type tool

5. The transform function (Ctrl+T)

6. Copy and paste function

7. Outer glow layer styles

8. You will also add and delete layers

This lesson includes the PDF instructions as well as the starter PSD file (before) and the PSD file (after) completed during the lesson.