Create a coloring book with Adobe Photoshop CC

Coloring book with Adobe Photoshop CC. This is a ten (10) page handout with step by step directions needed to convert an image into a coloring page as well as the elephant image used in the lesson; there is a cover page, then seven pages include instructions and the last page shows examples of what is possible with Adobe Photoshop and some images from Google.

The file is in Adobe PDF. My students really enjoy this project and they learn how to desaturate, invert, and move images as well as add text.

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Why buy these lessons when there is free stuff like this on the Internet?
These lessons are all high-school/adult learner tested. I have used these lessons with hundreds of students, some with thousands of students. Many of the online tutorials are meant for intermediate or more advanced users and will skip steps. I have added steps and images to make the lesson easier to follow, these are not 1 page text lessons, they include screenshots of each step. If you let me know of a step you would like added I will add it in and send you the updated file. I try to create these so my students have the least amount of questions possible.