Career search with the online Occupational Outlook Handbook #nplsimulation


Career search with the online Occupational Outlook Handbook #nplsimulation

Career search using the online Occupational Outlook Handbook, with a Microsoft Word handout and an independent learning presentation (eLearning module). Presentation completely revamped with bright colors and step-by-step instructions in an interactive format.

You can follow the presentation on your screen or have each student complete the module on their computer. Absences? No problem! Just have them follow the lesson on their own and they will be able to follow along and complete the activity.

View a full demo before you purchase, no need to guess if this lesson would be useful to your class:

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I use this handout to have my student explore career options using the online version of the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

The first career I complete with the students teaching them how to find the career information required for the assignment then they fill in the following charts. This presentation can then be put on the network for students to access and view how to use the site.

The full file contains three charts with ten (10) careers, and 5 blank spaces for students to explore their choice of careers. The file is a Word document so you can edit the careers if you wish.

I use this activity teaching an ROP high school class and in Adult Education classes in a community college.