Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5/CS6 Bundle – graphic design lessons for high school teens

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Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6 Bundle – graphic design lessons for high school teens

Teach your teen students Photoshop CS5/CS6 with these specially designed and tested lessons. We have bundled a set of lessons in this Photoshop download package that will allow your students to learn basic and intermediate photo editing skills with Photoshop to transform pictures into stunning works of art.

All our lessons for high school students:

-Are ready to use onscreen or printed

-Are reasonably priced

-Contain text instructions and/or video instructions with many screen shots

-Emphasize skills needed for the technology workplace

Lesson contents include:

* 21 Photoshop lessons you can use with CS5/CS6 with teacher unlimited printing rights in PDF format with samples from other students showcasing what the end results might look like. ($70 value)

Photoshop lessons include:

1.Creating an iPod ad

2. Zombie text

3. Your favorites flyer

4. Create a coloring book

5. Edible insect recipe card

6. Hardware flyer

7. Add tears to your picture

8.Terror castle

9. Frosted background

10. Create a water reflection with your image

11. Make a simple collage

12. Create a comic out of your picture.

13. Create a background image.

14. Layer masks

15. Edible insects

16. Great pumpkin challenge

17. Sparkle text effect

18. Robot text effect

19. Superhero swatches

20. Warped photos collage

21. Christmas tree design