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Learning the puppet warp tool – A Photoshop CC video lesson

Teach your students to use the puppet warp tool.

This lesson will have your students use the puppet warp tool, smart objects and layer styles to create the text effect you see in the lesson.

You will download a zip file with the following items:.
*A 10 page step-by-step PDF guide to achieving the puppet warp text effect and 2 challenge activities for your early finishers that can extend the skills learned in the lesson.
*A completed PSD file so you can view the layers and layer styles used in the lesson of the completed file
*Of course, the iceberg image to create the sample file

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Halloween Lessons

These lessons are great for Halloween time. I must confess to trying to “fit” these in 2 weeks before Halloween and the week after just to keep up with the theme 🙂