Create a collage with Photoshop CC


To start a brand new document in Photoshop you click:
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Click File>New to open a new Photoshop document.

Which of the following is U.S. Paper size?
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U.S. Paper size is 8.5 inch width by 11 inch height. You say the width first, then the height.

Where do you click to change the color of your background?
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The swatches panel has a grid with colors you can click on to change your brush color or font color.

The magic eraser would work best on which image?
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The black background would be best to use with the magic eraser. The other two images would not be as effective due to texture or various colors in the backgrounds.

Which tool is used to change the color of a layer?
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The paint bucket tool can be used to change the color of a layer.

To paste an image into your document you can use the following command:
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You cannot right-click and paste into Photoshop, you have to press CTRL+V or Edit, then paste.

Which tool would you use to remove a single color from an image?
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All the erasers can be used to erase a color, but the magic eraser would be the quickest option.

Which command allows you to change the size of an image within a document?
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CTRL+T is the command for transforming, or re-sizing an image.

When saving an image the first time, the file format Photoshop uses is:
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Default format for Photoshop is .PSD.

Which button contains the magic eraser?
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Which file format would you use to upload an image to the Internet?
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PSD files are only for using in Photoshop, to use the image online you would have to use another format like JPEG or PNG.

To zoom in on your image which command would you use?

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CTRL++ can be used to zoom in, CTRL+- can be used to zoom out.

Create a collage with Photoshop CC
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